Analytics and IoT platform and services

A rapid development Industrial Internet of Things platform for connecting people, sensors, devices, and systems in the cloud and at the edge

Connect everything and everyone

When your assets and people – from trucks to tools to machines to repair crews – communicate with each other, advanced analytics can find the unknown, visualize what was previously unseen, and automate intelligent peer-to-peer interactions.

Device and protocol agnostic

  • Supports any protocol using Protocol Handlers
  • Rapid device support
  • Smart Agents make any device a peer
  • Direct communications with secure protocols
  • Rapid edge device development via SDK and embedded libraries
  • Communicate with insecure protocols directly, via gateway appliance, or via smart proxy

Intelligence in the cloud and at the edge

An architecture that scales from edge to cloud and back. Software functions can be executed in the cloud, addressable by remote devices via our SDKs or embedded libraries, so even the most limited devices can perform powerful tasks. By crafting “recipes” of these services, solutions can be created quickly and reliably. Intelligence is also pushed to the edge, where data can be processed locally and independently, making huge device networks efficient and responsive.

  • Cloud services available to every channel
  • Logic can be executed in the cloud so every device is smart
  • Intelligent computing at the edge
  • Solutions built with “recipes” of services

High reliability and seamless scalability

The system is architected for high reliability and scalability in a masterless, distributed system. Processes are lightweight and scale effortlessly across new or existing nodes. The system supports the transaction volumes that large enterprises demand.

  • Masterless distributed system
  • Lightweight processes can be restored transparently
  • Processes easily migrate to new nodes
  • Adding nodes is painless and quick, scales effortlessly
  • High events per second, processes per node, nodes per cluster

Real world applications

Logistics and supply chain

End-to-end supply tracking from component sources to assembly plants with real-time tracking of cargo: where is it, what are its environmental conditions, and what condition is it in? Create a chain of custody for cargo and equipment: who has it, is it loaded, does it match the bill of lading, was it stolen, forgotten, or misplaced? Accurately predict ETA / POD and the condition of all cargo before arrival.