Visualization and action

A 360-degree view of every asset and resource

Data in context, in motion, in real time

Nokia’s patented space-time-nodal processing engine provides high-performance execution of disparate events in multiple dimensions. Our applications are uniquely able to visualize your assets’ networks in context, in motion, and in time. Our software understands how every asset and resource is connected to other assets and resources on logical or physical networks, providing distinct insight into their influence on those assets.


A single pane-of-glass for fast, informed decision-making

Nokia’s software brings into one browser window all the information needed to make a decision and act on it.  Whether it’s enterprise application screens, documents, diagrams, reports, or any other documents or applications, we make it all contextually available to users, improving business accuracy, boosting productivity, and ensuring quality decision-making.


Data and analytics results are presented in a wide range of intuitive visual formats

We’re the industry leader in visualization because we provide unique contextual understanding to users, helping them make more-informed decisions.


Turn big data into little data

Nokia’s software ingests massive volumes of data from your current systems and applies advanced analytics and machine intelligence to bring anomalous and abnormal events to the forefront. Asset, resource, and event data is filtered and presented to users in consumable chunks on maps, charts, diagrams, tables, and other formats, intuitively coded so that actions are easily prioritized. A robust audio and visual alerting system also correlates and draws immediate attention to critical issues raised across your entire infrastructure.

Extract from any systems the data you need to make decisions


Virtual reality

Virtual reality provides the context to use any data to make fast, confident decisions. Asset-intensive organizations such as utilities, transportation networks, and manufacturing will use virtual reality to understand and take action on their data to improve their performance. Viewing data in 3D is more immersive and easier to absorb.


SI Suite

SI Suite is a comprehensive integrated platform for developing, running, and administering powerful applications that enable data-driven decision-making. It is a core component of our platform and is used to develop our own applications.  It is also available to organizations who want  to build and/or customize their own applications and for any developer building commercial applications for sale.