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National Grid manages 7,700 km of gas transmission lines in the UK, 40% of which is at least 40 years old. Clearly, those aging portions of the network can’t and won’t all be replaced at once. How does National Grid use analytics to prioritize work to optimize spending, labor, and risk reduction while minimizing interruptions to service?

Luckily, pipes are like people—not all 40-year-olds are the same. They age at different rates based on maintenance, environmental conditions, operating stress, and other variables.

National Grid now uses analytics and visualization across silos of data through the company to give business users greater visibility into the condition of transmission assets, including where corrosion issues are more likely to prematurely age pipes, valves, and other assets. This visibility into the true state of the network speeds decision making and ensures correct prioritization of maintenance, repair, and replacement work. It also provides a stronger evidence base for the next business plan.

In this webinar, National Grid’s Head of Network Engineering, David Salisbury, and Neil Barry of SpaceTime Insight will describe how National Grid accelerated analytics from a proof-of-concept project to improving enterprise decision-making. Those improved decisions are changing how National Grid plans for and maintains the system.

Attendees will learn how they can gain similar results from applying next-generation analytics to their utility assets for tasks ranging from planning the next day’s repairs to deciding the next decade’s investments.


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