Utility grid analytics

With Nokia Software IoT analytics applications for assets and reliability operations and more, utilities leverage rapidly-deployed machine learning analytics applications to make grid operations more efficient, optimize planning for grid assets, and improve grid resiliency.

The Nokia difference

Distributed energy resources (DER) are radically changing the assets of grid architecture and operations. Today’s grid assets hold a wealth of data that utilities intuitively know are the key to improved planning and operations. But analyzing dissimilar data from unrelated asset vendors can create data blind spots, ultimately driving you to incorrect decisions.  Nokia utility grid analytics can help you uncover your data blind spots.

Insight to improve operations

Nokia applies advanced analytics to the data you already have to drive business improvements. Sophisticated algorithms help you avoid unplanned outages and revenue loss, cost effectively serve additional load with assets you already have, and ensure proper voltage levels to improve safety and reliability.


Optimize asset planning

Optimize CAPEX to defer capital investments where possible, plan DER integration into the grid better, and benchmark and reconstruct outages to improve outage-related processes.

Deliver results quickly

Analytics applications are tied to your KPIs, not a theoretical science project. We use a “recipe” approach for speedy deployment that leverages pre-built components, integrating with and analyzing all of your IT, OT, and external data. Let’s start with what you have now.

Intelligence apps

Nokia’s off-the-shelf analytics applications power mission-critical systems for some of the largest companies in the world.  These applications incorporate advanced analytics, rich visualizations, and interfaces to your data. They provide a 360-degree operational view of historical, current, and possible future performance, and convert big data from business, operational, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems into actionable insight.


Electricity utilities
Water utilities
Natural gas utilities
Renewable energy companies

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