Restore Service Faster

Outage Intelligence helps utility distribution managers, outage managers, community liaisons and regulatory affairs managers apply analytics to predicting, preventing, detecting, assessing and responding to outages.

Using SpaceTime Insight’s award-winning real-time visual analytics technology, Outage Intelligence correlates, analyzes and visualizes data from any number of sources into a single application that enables you to restore power faster, and to continuously improve your outage processes.

SpaceTime Insight Outage Intelligence works in conjunction with outage management systems and delivers safety, reliability and savings at a fraction of the time and cost of custom analytics solutions.

Detect Outages Sooner

Customer phone calls are still the utility’s leading source of information about power outages. Improve your customer service and reliability by identifying outages much earlier, even as they are forming.

Outage Intelligence proactively monitors and analyzes multiple data sources for outages. Data sources include outage management, meter data management, customer information, voltage regulation, SCADA and other systems.

Once detected, outage areas are visualized on geospatial and network displays for intuitive understanding and better, faster decision making.

Use analytics to pinpoint outages as they start, before customers have time to call. Faster notification leads to faster restoration.


Viewing prioritized outages and crew locations on the same geospatial display makes it easy to dispatch help to where it’s most needed.


Restore Power Faster And More Effectively

A large, urban utility will normally handle thousands of power outages a year, ranging in size from a few homes to entire portions of a city impacted by storm, flood, fire or other events. Where should crews, equipment and supplies be deployed for maximum impact in restoring power?

Outage Intelligence helps you prioritize outages that have the biggest impact on critical customers and infrastructure, and on SAIDI and CAIDI scores. The application calculates estimated time to restore power based on past history and current factors.

By drawing on multiple data sources, Outage Intelligence accurately detects nested outages and validates the restoration of power, helping utilities ensure that the lights are back on for customers.

Benchmark Your Outage Processes, For Continuous Improvement

A lot is riding on how a utility handles outages: customer and employee safety, lost revenues, regulatory scrutiny. Without insight into current practices, it’s difficult to improve this crucial process.

Outage Intelligence provides unique and valuable tools for benchmarking and assessing outage response. Replaying outage events enhances analysis and training. Tracking and predicting progress against SAIDI / SAIFI / CAIDI / CAIFI goals helps improve regulatory compliance. Outage managers benchmark each of six stages of outage response to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Distribution managers measure and track feeder quality of service to increase reliability and lower the risk of future outages.

Outage Intelligence helps utilities take a data-driven approach to continuous improvement for outage-related processes.