Improve Reliability by Lowering Risk

Natural Gas Asset Intelligence calculates, analyzes and visualizes the health, criticality and risk of your gas transmission and distribution assets.  Using SpaceTime Insight’s award-winning real-time visual analytics technology, the application correlates data and analytics from any number of sources into a single pane of glass, to optimize operations and capital spending and reduce asset failures.

Making risk-based decisions allows you to increase reliability and provide objective and detailed justifications for capital expenditures.

Natural Gas Asset Intelligence seamlessly integrates with your enterprise asset management system and other enterprise systems at a fraction of the time and cost of custom analytics solutions.

Increase System Reliability

Natural Gas Asset Intelligence uses advanced analytics of operational, asset management, weather, soil and other data sources to calculate the real level of risk in your network. Through diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics, it helps transmission and distribution companies:

  • Compare risk across asset classes and types
  • Prioritize maintenance, repairs and investments based on risk
  • Identify assets and locations at high risk for corrosion

Using Natural Gas Asset Intelligence, planners and operators at gas transmission and distribution companies easily collaborate to simultaneously lower risk and optimize spending. This collaboration supports a culture of improved decision making driven by insights from analytics.

Natural Gas Asset Intelligence puts all your risk in context to optimize your planning and operations