Integrate Distributed Energy Resources Into Your Grid

Distribution Intelligence helps utility distribution planners and managers to integrate distributed energy resources such as solar power, demand response and energy efficiency into distribution planning and operations.

Using SpaceTime Insight’s award-winning real-time visual analytics technology, Distribution Intelligence correlates, analyzes and visualizes data from any number of sources into a single application that enables you to plan, operate and optimize the increasingly dynamic and bi-directional distribution grid of the 21st century.

SpaceTime Insight Distribution Intelligence works in conjunction with distribution management systems and other existing systems to deliver reliability, savings and safety at a fraction of the time and cost of custom analytics solutions.

Optimize Transformer Sizing, Loading and Maintenance

Transformers take the brunt of growing urban populations and increasing adoption of solar power and electric vehicles. Distribution Intelligence delivers feeder-level demand, load and utilization analytics in a single application with the planning and operations capabilities you need to make fast decisions with confidence.

Having this information about your transformers allows you to plan more effectively for DERs, additional density, and customer engagement activities such as demand response and energy efficiency programs. You can correctly size transformers and plan appropriately for proactive maintenance, repair and upgrade work to support new loads. Proactive maintenance, repairs, upgrades and investments keep costs low while supporting high reliability.

Proactive transformer maintenance, repairs, upgrades and investments keep costs low while supporting high reliability

Keep voltage at optimum levels throughout fluctuations in solar power generation

Ensure Proper Voltage Levels

By maintaining proper voltage levels you deliver reliable power at lower costs. But the dynamic nature of solar power production and electric vehicle charging means voltage levels are much more volatile. This threatens power quality and reliability. Avoiding voltage-related outages and damage to equipment keeps costs down and customer satisfaction up.

Stretch Distribution CapEx Budgets Farther

Distribution Intelligence reduces capital expenditures through shaping consumer demand to fit local generation and distribution capacity, instead of requiring construction of additional capacity. If the demand response capacity along a feeder exceeds the projections for load growth, then you can postpone or redirect capital investment in that feeder. If the load and demand variability along a feeder can be handled by charging and discharging batteries, then you may be able to postpone or redirect capital investments that might be needed to increase the overall capacity of the feeder.

Make the most of your capital budgets by including distributed energy resources in your investment planning