Solutions for Utilities

Utilities investing in smart devices must understand and act on the massive volumes of data in siloed systems across their Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) infrastructures.  Looking at data in tables, spreadsheets and multiple isolated systems makes it difficult to spot and respond to issues and anomalies, leading operators to make “best guesses” instead of well-informed decisions.

While energy companies are embracing the “smart” revolution, they are hampered by decades-old infrastructure, tribal knowledge, increasing demands from customers, tighter regulations, natural and man-made disasters, and technology that is ill-equipped to process the data needed to respond to these events.  With many users spending 80% of their time finding data and only 20% analyzing it, new approaches are needed.

SpaceTime Insight’s breakthrough situational-intelligence applications for utilities provide unprecedented 360-degree operational insight by correlating, analyzing and visualizing IT, OT and external (XT) data sources spatially, over time and across network nodes.  These applications deliver greater operational efficiency, safety, and reliability in a matter of months. SpaceTime Insight’s software powers mission-critical systems at some of the largest utilities around the world, helping them reduce costs, uncover revenue opportunities and deliver more reliable services to their customers.

Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence’s advanced analytics help utility personnel maintain, operate and replace aging infrastructure; optimize capital expenditures; reduce operational expenses; comply with regulatory mandates; and manage risk and reliability. Working with your asset management system and other data sources, Asset Intelligence provides a comprehensive risk assessment of asset failure and under-performance combined with optimal planning and remediation tools to strengthen strategic, financial, and operational planning. These assessments and tools enable you to increase reliability and safety of operations while lowering costs.

Key Features

  • Predictive analytics inform more accurate planning and rate case justifications
  • Risk factors correlated for easy root-cause analysis
  • Seamless integration with asset management and other IT, OT and external (XT) systems
  • 360-degree operational insight with a spatial-temporal-nodal view of all assets
  • Intuitive visualizations and alerts draw attention to critical issues


  • Gain actionable insight into asset health, risk, life-span and performance
  • Improve asset planning for growth
  • Reduce risk of failure through advanced asset maintenance
  • Lower exposure to financial liability
  • More effective, efficient and reliable operations
  • Increase productivity with a comprehensive view of all assets on a single pane-of-glass

Transmission and Distribution Intelligence

With Transmission and Distribution Intelligence, utilities optimize the use of distributed energy resources, gain unique insights into outages, and improve planning and operations by leveraging advanced analytics, simulations and visualizations. Network operators and planners can create simulations of distribution network events, enhance contingency planning and investment strategies, and build a holistic view, analysis and forecast of an entire renewables portfolio. A complete view of the past and present enables the detection and replay of outages, and predictive analytics enable better preparation for and response to future outages. Advanced analytics of combined operational, IT and external data provides overall situational Intelligence and problem identification for the transmission and distribution grid.

Smart Meter and Demand Intelligence

Smart Meter and Demand Intelligence helps utility companies protect revenues, improve management of demand-side assets and distributed energy resources, and gain insight into the AMI network.  Advanced analytics automatically discover non-technical loss locations and sites, and analysis and optimization of assets at grid end-points and distributed energy-producing resources contribute to operational and financial goals.  Smart Meter and Demand Intelligence also provides situational intelligence in overall operations.

Key Features

  • Advanced analytics enable effective meter-to-cash analysis
  • Correlation and analysis of data across internal and external systems
    help detect fraud
  • Color-coded visualization of meter status improves detection of failures
    and response times
  • Correlation of meter events with distribution and communication networks
    improves operational insight
  • Root-cause analysis helps determine reasons for meter unresponsiveness
  • Visualization and analytics improve effectiveness of demand response programs


  • Improve revenue protection from fraud, theft, and tampering
  • Deliver better customer service with greater insight into meter issues
  • Resolve issues faster with a rapid assessment of meter, grid
    and communications failures
  • Execute more effective and targeted demand response programs
  • Enhance billing and revenue collection timeliness

Wholesale Markets and Trading Intelligence

Wholesale Markets and Trading Intelligence gives utilities a comprehensive view of the energy market.  The application provides visibility into generation reserves and virtual power plants along with trading optimization and congestion minimization.  The software highlights available and future generation reserves that are used for scenario simulation and planning.  It also analyzes the utilization of demand side resources as generation units for trading in energy markets.  Wholesale Markets and Trading Intelligence optimizes trade utilization of all generation assets and analyzes congested nodes to facilitate remediation plans and balance the grid.