Smart meter intelligence

Smart Meter Intelligence analyzes and visualizes data from your operational and business systems to predict, measure, and improve your smart meter operations, increasing productivity, reducing operations cost and improving quality of service.

The Nokia difference

Deploying smart meters across your network improves the data you collect from your network, but the scale of your network can limit the return on your advanced meter infrastructure. Smart Meter Intelligence helps contain costs and improve productivity so you make the most of your smart meter investment.

Reduce truck rolls

Smart Meter Intelligence improves your accuracy in determining the cause of meter failures, discovers and visualizes anomalies, enhances network communications, and optimizes smart meter replacement strategies.


Improve customer service

Your network of meters is on the customer front line. Use the advanced analytics inherent in Smart Meter Intelligence to improve meter-to-cash performance, cut billing errors, and reduce complaints to your call center.

Improve network performance measurement

The accuracy of operations metrics is directly correlated with the effectiveness of network improvement plans. Smart Meter Intelligence’s Asset Health Index (AHI) cost-effectively delivers a consistent vision of meter health across your network and highlights data anomalies to improve management of the asset fleet.

You will proactively identify network problems with predictive analytics, machine learning, and superior network visualization tools.


Electricity utilities leverage predictive analytics in Smart Meter Intelligence to improve productivity and reduce operations costs.

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