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Utility-scale energy storage is disrupting the electricity industry, which means it’s disrupting just about everything.

Storage on this scale means that energy no longer needs to be consumed the moment it’s produced. That balancing act places huge stress on the technology, markets and policies that drive the industry. Now, excess energy—such as roof-top solar on a sunny day, wind power during blustery weather, or base-load generation at night—can be absorbed into giant batteries and used during times of peak demand.

Energy storage has its own challenges, though, that turn out to be situational intelligence applications. Where should you locate your batteries for maximum grid reliability? When should you charge or discharge batteries? If you know the solar or wind forecast and your fossil-fuel generation capabilities, how do you optimize your fuel mix for low carbon, low prices and high reliability?

Dr. Hiroshi Hanafusa of NEC will discuss the issues of batteries, cloud networks, services and big data analytics that drive the economic value of energy storage. If you’re curious about how storage will transform the powered world as we know it, don’t miss this session.

SI World 2015 takes place Wednesday, October 28, in New Orleans. Registration is still open.

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