SI Suite

SI Suite is the leading comprehensive operations intelligence platform for developing and running advanced analytics and IoT applications for asset-intensive industries

Develop, manage, and run
advanced analytics applications

SI Suite is a comprehensive, integrated analytics platform for developing, running, and managing powerful operations intelligence applications that enable data-driven decision-making. SI Suite is an intuitive platform for organizations that want  to build and/or customize their own analytics and IoT applications. SI Suite is a core component of Nokia’s Analytics and IoT architecture.

SI Suite consists of SI Suite Server, which manages applications and interfaces with data sources and advanced analytics models; SI Suite Viewer, a visual framework for users to interact with your data and analysis results; and  SI Suite Studio, a powerful application development environment for assembling data, analytics, and actions into intuitive applications. SI Suite also includes an Administration Console and System Monitor for managing user authentication, role-based application permissions, and configuration of server, data sources, and system integration points.

Key features

  • Integrate  and correlate any type of data: static, real-time streaming, unstructured, spatial, and time series
  • Leverage a pluggable data source adapter framework for connecting to any data source
  • Integrate results from  other analysis software
  • Develop powerful  analytics applications in a configurable environment
  • Customize applications using configurable interactive  visualizations
  • Scale via high performance in-memory processing
  • Implement a fully multi-tenant environment
  • Deploy infrastructure and applications and scale with Docker container technology

Key benefits

  • Capture and analyze streaming data from IoT devices, including video cameras
  • Prototype analytics applications quickly without the need for  programming skills
  • Accelerate your developers’ productivity
  • Access advanced analytics, results, and insights on-demand
  • Use data from relational databases, Kafka, OSISoft PI, SAP HANA, Spark, Esri ArcGIS and Shape, REST web services, and multiple file formats such as Excel, CSV, GeoRSS, KML, and more
  • Take decisive action based on relevant context from rich visualizations and alerts
  • Run applications on-premise compatible with off-the-shelf hardware, or in the cloud


Rapid prototyping. Explore your ideas. Rapid development. Realize benefits faster.

Studio facilitates rapidly creating interactive analytics applications  that include any combination of data, analysis, visual formats, and alerts. Studio empowers people with little or no programming skills to combine these extensive features with data from multiple sources  into game-changing applications.

Experienced developers will be right at home and highly productive using this flexible Eclipse-based development environment. Simply drop objects onto a canvas and define user interactions to start the application creation process. Behind this simplicity is the power of Java and rich features that reduce coding and encourage reuse and best practices. Applications  developed with Studio use data-source independence to future-proof them from  underlying schema and infrastructure changes. Analytics are seamlessly integrated into Studio, making it possible for data scientists, business analysts, and developers to integrate analytics into applications.


Fig: Studio application development environment with intuitive visual development paradigm and property configuration.


Interactive user interface. Operationalizes actionable insights.

Viewer is a highly-configurable browser-based framework for visualizing data, analytics results, and operational alerts. Applications can easily  combine maps, charts, data tables, diagrams, images, video, and third party applications’ output to provide 360-degree insight into your operations. Viewer contains a wide array of features for users to personalize applications that facilitate problem-solving and high-confidence decision-making. Color-coded elements, advanced spatial data and time filters, and animated time series data rendered by  Viewer focus users’ attention on the right information to optimize your planning and operations.

Viewer helps users understand the spatial, temporal, and nodal aspects of data, highlighting not just where and when something occurred or might occur, but also the impact of that event downstream and upstream from the asset or resource. Viewer presents  analytics results intuitively for easy operationalization so that any user can interact with analytical models and perform what-if analysis.

Viewer puts  a wealth of data and understanding at users’ fingertips in a single window and common user interface that facilitates action, easy navigation and data discovery, minimizing the need to jump between multiple applications.


Fig: Viewer framework and dashboard environment presenting data across a multitude of data windows


Advanced data science and analytics. Optimizations. Predictions. Correlation. Recommendations.

Server is the heart of SI Suite.  It executes operations intelligence applications created  using Studio and renders the output via  Viewer. The server can run on off-the-shelf hardware in  your own IT infrastructure, in the cloud, or as a hosted service for multiple tenants. It  facilitates access to and correlation of data from static and streaming sources, analytics algorithms, and alerts. Server also delivers  a job scheduler and administration console to easily configure applications, users, secure identity, and secure access.

Server’s patented high performance in-memory framework delivers data and analytics results expediently to users’ browsers. Server correlates and analyzes data from all sources across the dimensions of space, time, and nodes in a network – a ground-breaking capability pioneered and continuously enhanced by Nokia.

Server’s extensible  data adapter framework integrates with dozens of systems such as SQL databases, Kafka, OSISoft PI, SAP HANA, Spark, Esri ArcGIS and Shape, REST web services, and multiple file formats such as Excel, CSV, GeoRSS, and KML.

Server also interfaces with Nokia Scene Analytics providing access to analysed video streams, object counting and metadata enhancing the value of the Nokia Scene Analytics services by allowing additional correlation with other data sources.


Fig: Server’s Admin Console providing easy configuration of all integration points, users, applications as well as scheduled processes

SI Suite and the valuable  applications it runs complement and enhance your existing business and operational systems by deriving and presenting actionable insights from the data those systems generate and capture.

Learn more about SI Suite: Download the SI Suite Datasheet