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The latest release of our flagship development platform, SI Suite 6.3.1, includes important new features:

  • Data Limits for better performance management when retrieving large volumes of records
  • Failover support for Kafka Topics
  • An updated Tutorial Application with a number of new samples for faster learning
  • Aggregation for streaming data in Chart windows
  • Vastly improved Map Annotation feature

Dynamic Annotations

The updated Map Annotation feature now allows different types of content to be placed on the Map canvas – floating independent of Map movements. Such annotations can contain simple images and, more importantly, aggregated or calculated values from a data source.

The new Map Annotation types are Image, Text-Only, Tile, Two-Values, and Custom. New behaviors can be specified for Annotations as well, including anchor, drag, hide, and click-events. Everything is managed from the Map window drawer.

dynamic annotation updates

Annotations dynamically update to reflect the current data set.

The new Annotation capabilities make it even easier to build mission critical analytics solutions that convey an enormous amount of valuable information in a single-pane-of-glass view. As always, solutions built with SI Suite collect information from disparate data and analytics sources and allow users to drill down into details from the visuals. With the new Annotation features, however, solutions can now better surface needed data alongside graphic elements, for even higher productivity and faster response to changing data.

Customers can also use filters to look at specific map data and the calculated annotation fields will update as well. For example, use the lasso tool to look at data points in a specific geographic area, and see the totals update dynamically in the corresponding annotation.

Aggregated Chart Data

streaming chart objects

Streaming data can be displayed in aggregated chart objects.

Another improved feature allows streaming data to be aggregated and drive live chart objects. SI Suite 6.3 introduced integration with Kafka streams that could be visualized in real time. In this release, users can also specify aggregations to display in a chart object. For example, a live stream can drive a pie chart aggregated by type, as in the example at left.

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