Ensuring Your Success

We offer a full suite of services to rapidly implement SpaceTime Insight situational-intelligence solutions, train your personnel in using the solutions, maintain your implementations throughout their useful life, and host them for you as needed.

Our expert staff deliver world-class service to our customers around the globe, implementing mission-critical solutions using situational intelligence to address simpler as well as previously unsolvable business challenges.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Our professional services team offers proven experience to help you get the most out of your SpaceTime Insight solutions. Using best practices for advanced analytics, scalability, visualization and performance, our professional services team works with you through every phase of the project.

We typically run requirements workshops to fully understand your needs. Based on that understanding we perform the design, data integration, systems architecture, implementation, and testing to ensure a successful implementation.

Your team will typically consist of software and data architects, engineers, business consultants, data scientists, user experience designers and other professionals as needed based on the requirements of your analytics project. Our team is also available to assist you and our implementation partners should you decide to use your own resources to create applications on SpaceTime Insight’s platform.

Data Science

As the quantity of data in your organization grows, so does the need for analysis and understanding of that data. With recent advances in machine learning and advanced analytics, specialized skills are commonly required to perform that analysis.

SpaceTime Insight’s highly skilled and passionate data science team is available to work on your simple as well as your most complex problems, ensuring you derive the most business value from your data. Our data scientists draw on experience and degrees in a number of fields including mathematics, statistics, physics, algorithm design, and cognitive computing. Our team commonly works in partnership with our and your domain experts to create innovative solutions.

SpaceTime Insight’s data science services include:

  • Design and deployment of custom analytics and machine learning models
  • Design and deployment of streaming analytics, such as for ingesting IoT data
  • Refinement of your existing analytics
  • Training and tuning analytics with real world experience and/or machine learning
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User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Design

Data visualizations tap into our brain’s visual processing centers that quickly intuit patterns and relationships and give us that “a-ha!” moment we need in decision making and problem solving. SpaceTime Insight’s user interface/user experience (UI/UX) team specializes in determining the most effective ways to interact with and visualize data to provide insights and breakthroughs.

Our team are experts in the needs of end users. They ensure that information is placed in the proper context, accessible for people with disabilities, displays correctly across a range of devices from mobile phones to video walls, and is comprehensible whether it’s printed, projected, or animated.

Our UI/UX team provides these services:

  • Incorporating user interface considerations into system requirements
  • Designing user interactions and creating wireframes
  • Creating graphics and providing guidance on colors, fonts, etc.
  • Performing usability testing


SpaceTime Insight provides all the instructor-led and self-paced training you will need to fully utilize our software. While our products are designed to be as intuitive as possible, training may help jump-start your productivity and discover enhanced functionality in our software.

Our training complements the documentation, context-sensitive help and tutorials built into our products, and the code samples and community forums available through our customer Support portal. Training can be delivered on-site or at our premises.

Our training offerings include:

  • The basics of designing and building situational intelligence applications
  • Integrating advanced analytics into your applications
  • Utilizing advanced features in SI Suite
  • Configuring applications to match your unique needs
  • Training for end users
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Service Managed Services

Managed Services

SpaceTime Insight applications can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. For cloud implementations, we offer a professionally and securely managed solution that is tailored to your specific business requirements. This flexibility extends to our licensing terms as you may choose to acquire the software that we host for you upfront, or to use it on a subscription basis for a mutually agreed period.

Our Managed Service includes:

  • High-performance access to your data and applications
  • Enterprise-grade security, failover and redundancy
  • 7×24 monitoring of your systems
  • Dedicated equipment (if desired)
  • Regular reporting on service levels and system performance
  • Guaranteed uptime

Support Services

SpaceTime Insight offers 7×24 technical support around the world. With support engineers in multiple locations, we are ready to respond to your questions regardless of the time in your country. Support tickets may be logged via email, our online support portal or phone. Support Services is ready to support you during as well as post-implementation.

Our support portal features forums with answers to common questions as well as access to code samples and the latest software. Customers and partners may access the Support Portal here.

Our support engineers will work with you to:

  • Assign the appropriate priority to tickets
  • Resolve your issues in the time expected for the agreed-on ticket priority
  • Reproduce your problem and determine its root cause
  • Create fixes or workarounds as needed
  • File bugs and enhancement requests for specific products if needed
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