Safety analytics

Safety analytics helps organizations reduce accidents, assess the effectiveness of their safety programs, and comply more readily with safety regulations. Advanced analytics and visualization of all safety-related data provide an understanding of where, when, why, and how incidents occurred and facilitate action to reduce the likelihood they occur in the future.

The Nokia difference

On-the-job injuries are big business. In the US, for every 1,000 workers, companies face up to $6 million per year in direct and indirect costs related to injuries.* Costs skyrocket for workplace fatalities. Safety managers need to root out the true causes of safety incidents to reduce safety incidents, improve worker compliance with safety programs and ultimately optimize safety program costs. Nokia Safety analytics helps companies get a handle on organizational safety.

* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Safety Council

Reduce safety incidents

Safety analytics uses machine learning to develop predictive and prescriptive analytics to identify behaviors, patterns, anomalies, and root causes underlying dangerous situations: identify high-risk individuals and situations to avoid incidents and lower safety-related costs; respond more effectively when accidents do occur.


Assess safety program effectiveness

Safety analytics correlates safety incident data with safety programs to help you measure program effectiveness and identify safety trends. It advises how to reduce the most risk for a given budget. You can avoid wasting time and money on ineffectual projects, and improve your safety planning and reporting.

Improve regulatory and policy compliance

Avoid the fines, penalties, legal costs, and reputation damage that flow from noncompliance. Safety analytics flags where, when, and how your company is out of compliance and creates visibility for these issues within your organization.


Safety analytics improves safety performance for diverse industries:

Renewable energy

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