Remote asset monitoring

Using Asset Sentinel, businesses monitor and manage in real-time any assets, whether they are tools, parts, cargo, or produce, throughout their course of transit

The Nokia difference

Goods and equipment often arrive at their destination damaged, spoiled, or sometimes don’t arrive at all. Real-time monitoring solutions have been expensive, unreliable, and of limited utility. Asset Sentinel brings Industrial Internet of Things technology to remote asset monitoring, with a reliable, low-cost, real-time system for ensuring the integrity of goods and equipment in transit.

Optimize operations and production

Continuously optimize operations and production lines by monitoring in near-real time cargo, parts, equipment, and goods in transit. Data from temperature, vibration, accelerometer, and other environmental sensors feeds into prediction and optimization analytics.


Minimize loss

Asset Sentinel tracks custody of goods and equipment, transferring from the origination to the trailer and driver, and then to the destination using Bluetooth low energy (BLE or Bluetooth Smart) beacons and mobile devices. Asset Sentinel can distinguish between theft or misappropriation and a palette or tool left behind by accident.

Alert for missing assets

Asset Sentinel reconciles the beacons it heard with the bill of lading as the driver pulls away. If the real-time load does not reconcile, the driver is alerted with a push notification before he leaves the yard.


Remote Asset Monitoring reliably tracks assets for any industry with remote crews or assets, including:

Third Party Logistics

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