Outage Intelligence

Outage Intelligence analyzes data from your operational and business systems to predict, prevent, detect, and improve the response to unplanned outages so you can improve safety and reliability and deliver a higher quality of service.

The SpaceTime Difference

As regulated entities, utilities are under scrutiny to deliver reliable, consistent energy throughout their service area. With requirements to measure and reduce outage occurrences and duration, utilities need insight into outage causes and response to pinpoint process improvements.

Detect Outages Sooner

Outage Intelligence proactively monitors for symptoms that frequently lead to outages so you can optimize crew dispatch. Data from all relevant systems is analyzed, so you can identify which assets affect reliability and focus remediation efforts on the highest impacting assets.


Benchmark Your Outage Processes, For Continuous Improvement

Outage Intelligence assesses and benchmarks outage response. Outage managers measure each of six stages of outage response to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Distribution managers measure and track feeder quality of service to increase reliability and lower the risk of future outages. Tracking and predicting progress against SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI, and CAIFI goals help improve regulatory compliance.

Restore Power Faster and More Effectively

With Outage Intelligence, you prioritize outages that have the biggest effect on critical customers and infrastructure, and on SAIDI and CAIDI scores. Using multiple data sources, Outage Intelligence accurately detects nested outages and validates the restoration of power, helping you ensure that the lights are back on for all customers.


Electricity utilities use the advanced analytics in Outage Intelligence to improve regulatory compliance and outage scores.

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