(Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune)

When did you choose the career you wanted to pursue, and why? For some of us, inspiration struck at a very young age, fueled by a teacher, mentor, or event that strongly influenced our career path. Today, on the leading edge of the Internet of Things, teachers and mentors are encouraging students to build strong skills in the science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) disciplines.

Space-Time Insight’s John Schullian recently took time to join the STEM Career Expo at his son’s suburban Chicago middle school. One goal of STEM Career Expo is to inspire today’s students to become the next generation of scientists, programmers, engineers, and mathematicians.  Schullian provided a perspective on career options in big data’s situational intelligence field.

According to’s lead economist Katie Bardaro, “STEM jobs are hot right now.  In the time of big data, many firms are looking for candidates who know their way around a statistical program and the scientific process.”  However, the supply for STEM-educated job candidates is projected to continue to fall short of demand.  We need to do more to encourage our children to explore opportunities in STEM disciplines; for children often that begins with building awareness of the opportunities first.

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