Announcing SI Suite 6.3.1

We are excited to announce SI Suite 6.3.1.  SI Suite 6.3.1 includes a few important new features:

  • Vastly improved Map Annotation feature – allowing different types of content to be placed on the Map canvas – floating independent of Map movements. Such annotations can contain simple images, and more importantly aggregated or calculated values from a data source.
  • Data Limits for better performance management when retrieving large volumes of records.
  • An updated Tutorial Application with a number of new samples for faster learning.
new SI Suite 6.3.1 features

SI Suite 6.3.1 includes new features such as dynamically updating calculated annotations and aggregated streaming data in chart objects.

Additionally, many functional or UI issues have been updated in direct response to requests by existing and prospective customers.

SI Suite 6.3.1 Highlights

Map Annotations

  • New Map Annotation types: Image, Text-Only, Tile, Two-Values, and Custom
  • New annotation behaviors, including anchor, drag, hide and click-events
  • Manage via Map window Drawer

Data Limits, Data Streaming, and BBOX

  • Data Limits for initial retrieval of large volume data to protect from overload of browser – improved user notification
  • Aggregation is now supported for Chart windows
  • New bouncing box parameters for Web Services REST data source

Tutorial Application

  • Updated business views using new Annotations
  • New business view showing use of boundary constraint for placemarks and annotation aggregation
  • New business view showing Image overlay (campus map)
  • Better categorization of business views
UI Updates

  • Long Text values in Info window (NVP) can now be wrapped
  • Long Labels on tabs in Selection window is now wrapped
  • Map Measurement Tool has new options in Map window Drawer and measurement labels have been updated.
  • Selected page in a Server-side Table has better visibility



  • Failover support for Kafka Topics
  • Favorites support for CRUD Filter input in Group window
  • Additional validation in SI Studio for BVM Canvas elements
  • Updated documentation