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NEC, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), and SpaceTime Insight announced an extension of their unique partnership. The agreement defines a framework for the three companies to contribute their own “secret sauce” for the success of the partnership and benefit of not only all three, but the energy market as a whole.  Market expertise, business requirements, and software development come together in asset-focused solutions for the Japanese, US, and global electric energy market.

SMUD’s participation in particular is remarkable, as the partnership allows SMUD to monetize their business know-how in such core areas as customer satisfaction, customer engagement, and renewable energy. SMUD’s business intelligence will inform analytics products that SpaceTime will create and NEC will combine with their own technologies for the deregulated electrical utility market. In return, SMUD receives royalties as new retail energy providers, transmission companies, distribution providers, and electricity generation firms leverage their expertise in these new solutions.

If you’ve been keeping track, this isn’t the first collaboration for the companies, as we inked our first partnership at the end of 2015. After almost two years, as one of the partnership’s executives put it, we’ve moved from dating to marriage. Exciting times for an industry better known for rolling forward with a foot firmly on the brake.

Keep a watch on this space – you should expect to hear more from this collaboration as deliverables come to a utility near you.

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