We live in a mobile world. Nokia’s advanced platform and its IoT engine integrate people and assets with powerful mobile analytics apps that turn ordinary devices into powerful sensors, edge computing devices, and visualization and communication hubs.

Building mobile applications on our IoT platform

Put the power of Nokia applications in the right hands.

Our Industrial Internet of Things platform was designed for the reality that wireless networks can be fragile and devices are always trying to reconnect. It solves a set of complex problems common to any mobile, collaborative system where physical assets need to work with each other to get things done:

Connecting endpoints

Discovering and connecting endpoints such as people, vehicles, devices, sensors, and systems with fine-grained control over privacy, security, auditing, and permissions.

Secure channels

Creating and maintaining secure channels that provide these groups with communication, collaboration, real-time telemetry, and other services.

Real-time consistency

Overcoming mobile network instability to maintain soft real-time consistency and synchronization among all participants in a channel.

Development tools

Robust SDK and embedded libraries enable developers to instantly integrate with new or existing mobile applications


Nokia Software IoT mobile applications are faster, more scalable, more reliable, and developed at a fraction of the cost and time of starting from scratch.

Intelligence in the cloud for smarter mobile apps

Our IoT platform provides a rich set of libraries for rapidly developing tightly integrated embedded, web, and mobile applications. The platform and its libraries are designed for the fragilities of cellular networks and the reality that devices are always trying to reconnect. It also makes available the infinite resources of the cloud to any embedded or mobile device by performing complex logic in the cloud as if running natively on the device.

Our platform includes a robust set of services available as remote calls to any device using our SDKs and libraries. These can be called directly by the edge device, its agent, or any application written on our system.



proximity service


Integrated using BLE beacons, barcodes, or NFC tags

Chain of

Real-time tracking of who or what has possession of what asset



Job scheduling




Time series
datapoint collection

Over the air
firmware updates


Visualization and analytics

Sensors and devices

Out of the box support for streaming data from sensors and devices into our Spark, R, and Python data science libraries, including Nokia’s highly scalable Scala machine learning algorithms

Kafka and Spark

Out of the box support for streaming via Kafka and Spark from the device through machine learning to the web UI.


Out of the box access to optimization under uncertainty – optimize maintenance, routes, and crews.

Data cleansing

Out of the box access to world class data cleansing and anomaly detection algorithms.

Cold storage

Out of the box support for Hadoop data lake (cold storage).

Hot storage

Out of the box support for real time data storage (hot store) offering SQL, time series, and geospatial support for real time large scale querying, including Google-like text search