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At SpaceTime we deal with data: big data, big numbers, and big analytics. We help our customers take a cold, hard look at the numbers that drive their businesses and use real-time data to make those businesses run better. But this week it’s been important to remember that behind all those numbers are the people who run those businesses and the customers they serve. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our customers in Texas and Louisiana and nearby who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and this unprecedented storm. To the pilots and drivers at Fedex working hard to get supplies into the region. To the crews at Union Pacific making sure cargo arrives safely at its destination. To the linemen and repair teams at Entergy working night and day to keep the lights on across the region. Behind every number is a person doing a tough job made tougher. We’re proud to work with those people; we wish them, their families, and everyone in the Houston region safety, peace, and health.

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