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Electric utilities today are grappling with enormous changes in the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed wrought by renewable and distributed energy sources, smart meters, empowered consumers, changing regulatory models and more.

Accommodating these changes has led to a huge investment in new utility assets that must be integrated and managed alongside a vast portfolio of legacy assets. The range of assets operated by a typical utility spans dozens of categories – from wooden poles to smart meters to high-voltage transformers. To put this in context, the volume of assets a utility needs to manage can add up to tens-of millions within a single operational territory.

To efficiently manage this ever-changing asset portfolio, utilities need insights into how they are used and this requires solutions that bridge the gap between data available via enterprise applications and physical assets in the field. This type of intelligence allows organizations to analyze the data available to know where to invest their time, money, and skills to reduce risk and operational costs.

One example of how utilities gain this type of insight into assets is the new Asset Intelligence 4.0 application. With the latest enhancements, Asset Intelligence gives utilities complete transparency of operational status across the organization, and this ultimately gives them the resources they need to manage their valuable assets and make informed decisions at a moment’s notice.

If you’re curious, read more about the new version of Asset Intelligence.

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