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Happy GIS Day!

November 19, 1999, marked the first GIS Day, established as a way to demonstrate to people how geospatial intelligence improves their quality of life.

You can visit the GIS Day website to find an event near you. True to form, the website features a geospatial map showing the location of events around the world.

GIS is more than just showing information on a map, and can play a key role in situational intelligence by providing physical location and other data crucial to analyzing and visualizing a situation.

GIS is often necessary, but never sufficient, to providing true situational intelligence. GIS makes visual the spatial dimension of a problem, but situational intelligence requires analytics of the temporal and network dimensions as well, to provide full understanding of a situation. For everything visually inspiring and useful that GIS provides, we’re happy to celebrate GIS Day and invite you to join the fun.

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