Advanced Analytics – Operationalized. Democratized. Visualized.
To Drive Your Organization to Greater and More Frequent Successes.

Situational Intelligence solutions dramatically improve the way personnel across organizations obtain and benefit from timely actionable insights. Intuitive visualizations of the results, answers and insights from our advanced analytics delivered to a browser plus text and email alarms highlight issues that require attention and alert users to critical situations. These holistic capabilities make our solutions straightforward to operationalize and democratize allowing personnel throughout your organization to contribute to greater and more frequent successes.


  • Fast “friction-free” operationalization reduces the time-to-value

Operationalizing analytics is the act of integrating the analytics and its usage it into your business processes.  Space-Time Insight simplified executing and interacting with advanced analytics so that any end-user can consume and act on the output without needing to request analyses and visual representations from IT, data scientists and statisticians and wait for the results. When personnel get timely access to data and insights in an easily accessible format, the speed at which decisions are made and the quality of those decisions are greatly enhanced.  Another salient benefit of operationalization of analytics is that what used to be complex and time consuming decision cycles are now reduced to routine faster paced decision cycles.  These simplification along with intuitive and interactive user interfaces and data visualizations eases the burden and process of operationalization.

Space-Time Insight’s data science team and a growing list of our partners possess the experience and skills to provide operationalized analytics that deliver clear business value to your organization and ensure you are able to unlock the wealth of information in your big data systems and the data streaming from IoT devices.


  • Increasing the number of end-users increases the overall benefit to your organization

In an ideal world, workers are empowered to get things done efficiently, optimally, anytime, anywhere, especially in time-critical situations.  In many cases however, personnel could not access to the data they need to make sound decisions or even make decisions in a timely fashion.  Many if not most workers are even less likely to have access to analytics, to have the ability to act on the raw output from analytics software, or both.  These two restrictions have been eliminated for the better.

This is the core tenet of situational intelligence – to empower workers with a big picture view of what is happening now and might happen in the future that facilitates decisive actions to efficiently and effectively manage operations, assets, capital, and other resources.

Democratizing advanced analytics ensures that successful outcomes are institutionalized and consistent throughout your entire organization.  This benefit also reduces the ramp-up time for new-hires and also improves interdepartmental collaboration by reducing the tendency of organizational departments to operate within their respective silos.


  • Intuitively conveyed insights drives decisive action by anyone

Analytics results must be conveyed with clarity and without ambiguity so that decisive action can be taken by any worker or manager, especially for time-critical operations or under crisis conditions.  In addition to enabling decisive action, intuitive visualization also makes democratization possible by lowering and even obviating the need for training.  Information and insights presented by SI Suite combine diagrams, documents, media content and data from anywhere with analytics results into a seamless and contextually relevant big picture view of any situation.  A broad palette of visual elements are available to intuitively convey key insights at-a-glance.  The palette of elements includes: maps, tables, charts, gauges, icons, etc.  Presentation of the information including your choice of color coding are easily configured using SI Studio to highlight salient situations from the of vast and various amount of data.  End-users can quickly see what’s most important, drill down into underlying and related data for additional insight and act and with just a single click.

Our skilled user experience team is always on hand to ensure that data is being visualized appropriately and intuitively to maximize productivity and problem solving.

Our advanced analytics have been proven to deliver results to our customers.
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