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Situational intelligence became the centerpiece of the California ISO’s new state-of-the-art control center to help ensure a crisis scenario of this magnitude does not happen in California.  Quick glances at the geospatial displays on the 80 x 6.5 foot video wall that fronts the control center, allow operators and dispatchers to instantly detect and act on anomalies, or simply gain the assurance that everything is in fact running normally.


Implement a state-of-the-art control center incorporating situational intelligence


Wholesale Markets and Trading Intelligence Application from SpaceTime Insight


  • Real-time visualization of the grid and pricing nodes leads to economic efficiencies across the value chain
  • The correlation of weather and grid elements facilitates informed and timely decisions and actions that optimize grid reliability
  • The ISO can now maximize the use of alternative power sources through easy assessment of, and response to, current conditions, helping California meet emission goals
  • Visual applications help grid operators manage transmission bottlenecks and dispatch the lowest cost power plants
  • Operators and dispatchers collaborate across disciplines, ensuring coordinated responses to potential and unplanned abnormal conditions