Make A Difference

At SpaceTime, we’re using cutting edge technology to solve tough problems for the world’s largest companies. Our applications help analyze huge electrical grids, global transportation networks, municipal water supplies, and more. The work you do will impact the everyday lives of millions. As a small company with big customers, at SpaceTime you’ll be much more than a tiny cog in a big machine. Everyone at SpaceTime makes a difference.

We’re using innovative new tech in machine learning, real-time streaming data analytics, and the Industrial Internet of Things. Developers and data scientists at SpaceTime are pushing tools like Kafka and Spark, Scala and R, and traditional languages like Java to do more, faster, and at bigger scale. Our world-class data scientists are inventing new ways to look at data and creating unique models that change the way our customers do business.

With headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, SpaceTime’s culture is challenging, fun, informal, entrepreneurial, and rewarding. Come join us.

  • The employees are incredibly smart, talented and dedicated at what they do! The company has great benefits package and the employer paid portion of benefits is very generous. Most importantly the positive company culture...catered lunches, snacks, friendly employees that work together for a common goal!

  • I love working with our customers.  They have such a passion for their businesses and always want to find new ways to get more from our applications.

  • I'm working on the most advanced machine learning algorithms on the planet.  Yeah it's tough, but so rewarding.

  • It's a casual atmosphere, but yes, we deliver the impossible all the time.  (And frankly, the catered lunches are a nice perk.)

  • Working at SpaceTime Insight has been a very enriching experience for me. People are wonderful and the culture is very collaborative. It's a very dynamic workplace with lots of learning opportunities.

  • I think the only drawback is that many of our customer projects don't take that long - just when you're really connecting with the people, it seems like we're done.

Career Opportunities

Inside SpaceTime

                Here at Space-Time Insight headquarters in San Mateo, we take ping pong seriously. We held our first annual singles tournament during the month of May 2016. And the winner is…..Ragha!!! (Support Team, on the right in the photo below) He had stiff competition from Rama (Solutions Engineering, on the left in the photo below). Stay tuned […]

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