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Confident Anomaly Detection: Put Anomalies to Work

Anomalies in a business setting aren’t usually good. But sometimes we can put anomalies to work and use them to our advantage. We can use information about anomalies to: determine process exceptions detect fraud and theft detect security intrusions predict future service disruptions, outages, [...]

Confident Anomaly Detection: Overcoming Data Issues

An anomaly is defined as a pattern that does not conform to expected or normal behavior. When finding anomalies goes beyond the skill of mere humans due to quantity, complexity, speed, or the infrequent occurrence of anomalies, machine learning can be used for confident anomaly detection. [...]

Machine Learning-Optimized Distribution Hubs Support E-Tailers Ascendance

Online retailers are surpassing brick and mortar retail, creating a vast demand for fulfillment warehouses. As described in recent New York Times article, many of these fulfillment warehouses take over abandoned or discarded manufacturing facilities, bringing jobs back to previously [...]

Advanced Machine Learning for Optimizing Logistics Operations

While a recent Forbes article on machine learning in supply chain focuses mainly on a particular vendor’s supply chain solution, it serves to highlight some of the ways that machine learning has more broadly been used to address persistent logistics challenges in business. (Given some [...]

Improving the Economics of Energy Storage With Machine Learning

Utility scale and behind-the-meter energy storage is fast becoming the natural complement to renewable energy’s intermittent, and at times unpredictable, generation output. Greentech Media recently noted that “neither renewables backed by storage nor standalone storage are cost-competitive” vs. [...]

Hurricane Harvey and Our Customers

At SpaceTime we deal with data: big data, big numbers, and big analytics. We help our customers take a cold, hard look at the numbers that drive their businesses and use real-time data to make those businesses run better. But this week it’s been important to remember that behind all those [...]

The Hype Cycle for Reinforcement Learning

Forbes recently noted that Gartner’s 2017 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies includes multiple types of artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and (new for 2017) deep reinforcement learning. Gartner’s Hype Cycle plots the new technologies that show the [...]

Installing and Monitoring Erlang Releases in Kubernetes with Helm and Prometheus

At SpaceTime we’ve been loving the ease and flexibility Kubernetes, particularly on Google Container Engine (GKE), has given us. With GKE or minikube, bringing up new Kubernetes clusters is quick and easy, so doing the same with the services that we develop to run on Kubernetes is [...]

NEC-SMUD-SpaceTime Extend A Unique Partnership

NEC, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), and SpaceTime Insight announced an extension of their unique partnership. The agreement defines a framework for the three companies to contribute their own “secret sauce” for the success of the partnership and benefit of not only all three, but [...]

Machine Learning and the US Total Eclipse

Millennia of sun watching, astronomy, and ever-improving technology allow us to predict quite accurately the day, time, location, and duration of every solar total eclipse. With that prediction, we can plan for the effects of missing rays of sunlight. Source: NERC US grid operators are now [...]