Asset lifecycle optimization

Nokia Asset lifecycle optimization helps asset planning, operations, and finance professionals improve capital efficiency and asset performance management and reduce operating costs by determining the health, criticality, and risk of utility assets.

The Nokia difference

Asset managers like you are increasingly under pressure to improve the performance of their organization’s assets. You must minimize the risk of asset failure, improve asset reliability, improve asset cost effectiveness, and meet CAPEX and OPEX targets, all without incurring needless maintenance, refurbish, or purchase costs. Asset Intelligence delivers asset performance improvement.

Identify assets at risk of failing

Nokia Asset lifecycle optimization proactively calculates asset risk – the probability of asset failure and the consequences should failure occur – and compares risk across all assets on your network. By knowing true asset risk, you may take the optimal proactive measures to repair, refurbish, or replace your highest-risk assets.


Improve CAPEX efficiency

Nokia Asset lifecycle optimization supports detailed, data-driven capital plans tied to the true risk of your assets. The unique combination of robust risk scores and what-if analysis helps you justify and support capital plans by highlighting the potential risks and consequences of inadequate funding.

Improve operational performance

Making operational decisions, managing asset performance, and taking actions based on true risk levels help you improve operational performance, identify the root cause of problems, respond quickly to changing conditions, and begin targeted proactive maintenance. Nokia Asset lifecycle optimization gives you easy-to-use tools so you can reduce spending on, and get more effective results from, your field services.


Nokia Asset lifecycle optimization improves operational performance for utilities and energy companies:

Electricity utilities
Natural gas utilities
Water utilities
Renewable energy generators
Extractive industry enterprises

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