Asset analytics

Nokia Asset analytics helps asset-intensive companies extend the life of their assets and optimize operations by determining the health, criticality, and risk of failure of assets to help make informed, risk-based and return-based decisions.

The Nokia difference

Asset-intensive companies need to reduce costs and downtime from asset failure while still earning the highest return on their capital spending. They need to make the right decisions from moment to moment at scale and speed. They are collecting more and more data, but it’s getting harder and harder to make sense of it all.  With Nokia Asset analytics, you can address each of these challenges, and more.

Extend asset life and optimize repair and replace with predictive maintenance

Predict the probability of asset failure and optimize maintenance and repair schedules to extend the life of assets and minimize disruption. Machine learning predicts asset failure with greater confidence. These predictions become inputs to automated, continuous maintenance optimization to lower costs and minimize downtime.


Optimize asset utilization and mitigate risk

Using Asset analytics, planners and operators easily collaborate to simultaneously lower risk and optimize spending. This collaboration supports a culture of improved decision-making driven by insights from analytics.

Get a 360-degree view of business imperatives

Using Nokia’s award-winning real-time visual analytics technology, Asset analytics correlates, analyzes, and visualizes data from any number of sources into a single application.


Asset analytics optimize operations and capital investments for a broad range of asset-intensive industries:

Electricity, water, and gas utilities
Renewable energy
Extractive industries

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