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Situational intelligence solutions first emerged around five years ago under the unofficial motto, “Visualize, Analyze, Act.”

Implicit in that statement were the actors for each of those verbs. Situational intelligence solutions visualized big data problems, but it was users who analyzed the visualizations and then took action.

In recent years, as big data analytics have become more capable and affordable, the description of situational intelligence has shifted to, “Analyze, Visualize, Act.”

As the description has changed, so have the actors.

Today, situational intelligence solutions analyze large amounts of big data and then visualize the results of that analysis for users. And increasingly, based on prescriptive and predictive analytics, situational intelligence solutions either recommend courses of action to users, or take actions directly.

Don’t worry–situational intelligence continues to require human intervention. Users are still the ones who supply the constraints that situational intelligence solutions apply to solve problem. They are still the ones who specify what courses of action might be appropriate to recommend or carry out.

As automated action becomes more common, maybe the next tagline will be, “Analyze, Visualize, Act, Report.”

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