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Thirty terabytes of data per day, every day–that’s what San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) collects and analyzes to understand weather across their service territory.

As described in this Intelligent Utility article, SDG&E correlates temperature, humidity, wind speed, and solar radiation data with customer and grid operational data to prevent wildfires, promote public safety, and proactively deploy crews to areas at risk for wind or fire damage.

This correlation of IT, operations, and external data is a clear example of situational intelligence in action. Acting on data-driven insights to proactively deploy crews allows SDG&E to keep customers and infrastructure safe, prevent outages, and reduce the duration of outages that do occur.

Understanding weather is only one area where SDG&E is deploying analytics to make sense of big data in real time. “We expect that analytics will play a role in most or all of our business operations,” says Hanan Eisenman, SDG&E communications manager, quoted in the article. Other areas include IT, security and customer service.

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