About Us

SpaceTime Insight develops and delivers innovative advanced analytics applications and industrial internet of things technologies for asset-intensive industries. Our customers include some of the world’s largest industrial companies across utilities, transportation, and manufacturing. With our software, they realize the full business value of their people, processes, and assets. Our applications help them reduce cost and risk, increase capital efficiency, pinpoint theft, spoilage, and shrinkage, lower the frequency and duration of service outages, personalize customer service, optimize field crews and operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and more.

Our applications for asset-intensive industries are built on our end-to-end Warp platform for data integration and correlation, operations analytics, and innovative visualization. Our machine learning algorithms detect anomalies, predict the probability of asset failure, continuously optimize operations, and help companies deliver the best possible business results even when unforeseeable disruptions arise. Using our applications, our customers see and understand the entire breadth of their operations in motion, in context, and in real time, and generate greater returns at lower risk, lower cost, and greater speed.



Carmen Bianco

Principal, Former President NY City Transit

Diego A. Borrego

Former CEO, CTO, Neosfar

John Di Stasio

Former SMUD CEO, General Manager

Klaus Heimann

Independent Consultant

John Marshall

President of Coastal Partners Inc.

Pete Massey

International Asset Management and Utility Consultant

Hugh McDonald

President, CEO (Retired)

Ronald Rolfe

Independent Consultant

Keishin Sasaki

President and CEO of e-Solutions Inc.

Rob Strickland

Co-Founder/Investor – Strickland Consulting


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