Smarter Capital Spending for Utilities

Between 2003 and 2013, capital expenditures (CAPEX) for utilities in the United States nearly doubled, from $43 billion per year to more than $82 billion per year. Physical assets form the bulk [...]

GIS Day 2014

Happy GIS Day! November 19, 1999, marked the first GIS Day, established as a way to demonstrate to people how geospatial intelligence improves their quality of life. You can visit the GIS Day [...]

The Nature of Asset Risk

It’s a small, simple word: risk. Just four letters. It can be an ominous word, as well—the possibility of bad things to come. Without quantification, it can be a vague word. You might feel that [...]

SI World 2014 Highlights

The third annual SI World conference wrapped up recently in Newport Beach, California. Representatives from utilities, logistics companies, technology providers, and system integrators from [...]

Why Situational Intelligence Matters

Situational intelligence plays a role in every phase of a business’s operations, from strategic planning through day-to-day execution to crisis response. Some departments use it to better [...]