Your future, optimized

Some of the world’s largest industrial companies use Nokia’s advanced analytics applications to realize the full value of their people, processes, and assets.

The Nokia difference


Real time optimization and holistic machine learning

Most analytics are based on parameters and condition-based algorithms. Customers need advanced, generalizable machine learning to model any asset in space and time and generate accurate predictions and optimizations. Our machine learning analytics applications predict the probability that assets will fail further into the future, with greater accuracy and confidence – extending your assets’ useful life and optimizing asset maintenance.

Intelligence in the cloud
and at the edge

Our platform was built for a mobile world and real-time applications. Our applications are optimized for geospatial and time-series data streams, and assume a network of assets and people. With Nokia technology, even the most limited devices can perform powerful tasks, and machines and sensors can communicate directly with people in the field to create a “short loop” for action.


Past and
future proof

Asset-intensive, always-on businesses are investing in billions of connected machines, sensors, and other devices. Industrial equipment manufacturers offer platforms that only work with their own machines. Nokia connects to the legacy devices you have now and will connect to what you may buy in the future, regardless of vendor. Our platform is device and protocol agnostic.


Advanced platform
rapid time-to-value

Our platform and built-in expertise allow us to configure applications for specific customers and use cases in less time and less expensively than competitors. That advantage multiplies as your needs grow and we expand your applications. No rip and replace, just business-driven, bottom line thinking.


Nokia delivers ROI

Start simple
expand later

Our platform makes it cost-effective to address an immediate pain point in one facility or point of operation, then deploy later across all of your assets and workforce for additional return on investment.


By the numbers

  • $2.3 million savings per location in reduced crew hours

  • $5 million per year savings from reduced truck rolls

  • 80% productivity increase with simplified, understandable UI

  • $75 million (CAD) annual savings from reduced energy theft

  • Achieved savings of 29 minutes per day / 8,000 recovered labor hours per year in crew planning

  • $13 million per year in tax credits by tracking assets in real-time

  • $2 million per year savings in fleet management

  • 20 million "things" are connected to Nokia IoT applications

  • Warp IoT scales to 200 million connected devices and beyond