Any Data. Any Time. Any Situation. Anywhere.

At SpaceTime Insight, we are constantly striving to provide better ways for you to understand the nuggets of information residing in systems across your organization. While other companies claim to obtain data from multiple sources, we believe our ability to analyze, correlate and visualize that data across space, time and nodes in a network is unparalleled in the industry. This ability drives incredible efficiencies in decision-making, user productivity and inter-disciplinary communication, and accelerates return on investment and time to value. For many of our customers, our solutions have been transformational, dramatically improving the way they operate, deliver service, ensure safety and reliability, and compete for business. Below are some of the ways in which our software beats out the competition.

A 360-Degree View of Every Asset and Resource

SpaceTime Insight’s patented space-time-nodal processing engine provides high-performance execution of disparate events in multiple dimensions. Using this technology, our applications are uniquely able to understand where an asset, resource or event is located and what the status, performance, risk and value of that asset is. This analysis is performed across time so you can see how situations have evolved and might evolve further. In addition, our software implicitly understands how every asset and resource is connected to other assets and resources on logical or physical networks, providing distinct insight into their influence on those assets.

360-Degree View of Every Asset and Resource
Data Silos

Break Down Data Silos With Our
In-memory Implementation

Unlike legacy analytics solutions, SpaceTime Insight does not require the setup and maintenance of a separate “analytics” database or data warehouse. Our software runs entirely in-memory. It breaks down silos, sourcing data from disparate systems and presenting it to users in real-time or on demand. High-performance spatial indexing ensures rapid response times for users seeking insight into big data systems. Our software “overlays” your existing infrastructure including your current analytics, reporting, enterprise and operational systems, presenting correlated information from those systems in “a single pane of glass.”

Drive Operational Efficiency
Using Advanced Analytics

Just as data is siloed in many organizations, so too is analytical processing. SpaceTime Insight’s open approach to analytics enables you to tap into analytics across your company and combine the results of those models with any data and our own analytics engines to provide the most comprehensive data insight in the industry. From statistical analysis and anomaly detection to predictive and prescriptive modelling, our software digs through your data to uncover the information your users need to know about what happened yesterday, what’s happening now and what might happen tomorrow.

Detecting Anomalies
Single pane of glass

A Single Pane-of-Glass For Fast, Informed Decision-making

SpaceTime Insight’s software enables your personnel to spend 80% of their time analyzing data and 20% collecting it, instead of the other way around. Rather than having to pull up data in multiple independent systems and manually correlating it, we bring all information needed to make a decision and act on it into one browser window.  Whether it’s enterprise application screens, documents, diagrams, reports or any other documents or applications, we make it all contextually available to users, boosting productivity and ensuring quality decision-making.

Turn Big Data Into Little Data

SpaceTime Insight’s software consumes massive volumes of data from your current systems and uses advanced analytics and machine intelligence to bring anomalous and abnormal events to the forefront. Pertinent information pertaining to assets, resources and events is filtered and presented to users in consumable chunks on maps, charts, diagrams, tables and other formats, intuitively color-coded so that actions are easily prioritized. A robust audio and visual alerting system also correlates and draws immediate attention to critical issues raised across your entire infrastructure.

Big Data Little Data
Designer Development Tool

Up-and-running in a Matter of Months

Our customers always comment on the speed at which their situational intelligence solution was deployed.  That’s because our applications are created and configured using an intuitive drag-and-drop visual development environment that puts data on your users’ screens in minutes.  Leveraging an agile methodology, our development software quickly connects to any data source and presents users with visualizations that help clarify their business needs.  This leads to systems being delivered with small teams not only in record time but also focused on facilitating faster, more-informed decisions.