How It Works

1. Data in disparate formats is accessed from a wide range of systems

Business Data

Data from business systems such as CRM, ERP, data warehouses, analytics databases, and asset management systems contribute historical, financial and transactional details to applications

Operational & IoT Data

Static data and streaming data from a wide range of sources and IoT devices is accessed through built-in interfaces to support timely high-confidence decision-making

External Data

Weather, fire, temperature, wind, traffic and social media data are some of the many external sources that enable effective management of operations and assets

2. The data is then correlated across Space, Time and Nodes in a network


Spatial analysis provides an understanding of where assets, resources, and events are located and their proximity to other assets, people and structures


Temporal analysis provides insight into
when events occurred and the ability to watch historical or possible future events unfold


Nodal analysis drives an understanding of
how assets and resources connections are connected on physical and logical networks

3. The data is analyzed to facilitate situational understanding

Anomaly Detection

Historical data is analyzed to uncover sudden variations in behavior or performance; streaming data is analyzed to detect and alert on specific anomalies and events in real-time

Complex Event Processing

Seemingly unrelated events are correlated to drive awareness of situations that require attention

Predictive Analytics

Data is analyzed across multiple dimensions to suggest possible future outcomes, facilitating planning and what-if analysis

4. The analyzed data is presented in a wide range of intuitive visual formats

We’re known in the industry as the leader in visualization because of the way we provide
unique contextual understanding to users, helping them make more-informed decisions as a result

Data Visualization 1

5. Analysis and visualization of disparate data enables actionable insight

Once you’ve discovered what you needed to know, you take action there and then, accessing the systems you need to do so.
No jumping between applications and screens.  No re-entering of data.  No manual correlation of data across applications.
And no off-line analysis of data in spreadsheets.

Actionable Insight

6. Users across the organization enjoy a personalized experience

Users access the type of data and level of detail they’re allowed to see through a rich user interface configurable precisely to their liking

Business Analytics


Business User

Business Professional

Customer Service

Customer Service Rep







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