Risk-Based Asset Planning

Asset Intelligence helps asset planning, operations and finance professionals drive capital efficiency, asset performance management and reduced operating costs through analyzing and visualizing the health, criticality and risk of utility assets.

Using SpaceTime Insight’s award-winning real-time visual analytics technology, Asset Intelligence correlates, analyzes and visualizes data from any number of sources into a single application that enables users to reduce risk of asset failure and outages, increase reliability and provide data-driven justifications for capital expenditures.

SpaceTime Insight Asset Intelligence works in conjunction with enterprise asset management systems and delivers savings, reliability and safety at a fraction of the time and cost of custom analytics solutions.

Identify Assets at Risk of Failing

Asset risk accounts for the probability of asset failure and the consequences should failure occur. An asset’s risk level rises as it ages, but other factors also contribute to risk including location, usage, maintenance history and relation to other assets.

Asset Intelligence calculates the true risk of assets and compares risk across all assets on your network. Knowing risk allows you to take proactive measures to repair or replace your high-risk assets.

In addition, Asset Intelligence is the only asset analytics solution that includes completeness and confidence measures for your risk scores. This builds trust in decision-making by allowing users to understand the quality and comprehensiveness of the data behind the analysis.

Risk scores translated into geospatial, chart and tabular displays help you quickly identify assets that are likely to fail.

What-if analysis enables you to understand how capital spending may be applied to lower risk throughout your system.

Improve CAPEX Efficiency

Capital expenditures are growing in response to aging infrastructure, new distributed and renewable energy sources, compelling “smart” devices and urban population growth. At the same time, ratepayers, shareholders and regulators are scrutinizing capital expenditures more closely, often resulting in lost or diminished funding.

Use Asset Intelligence to create detailed, data-driven capital plans tied to the true risk of your assets. The unique combination of robust risk scores, intuitive visualizations and what-if analysis helps you win more funding for important capital projects.

Reduce Operational Expenses and Increase Reliability

Making operational decisions, managing asset performance and taking actions based on actual risk levels helps you raise your operational excellence, address the root cause of problems, respond quickly to changing conditions and begin proactive maintenance.

Asset Intelligence gives you easy-to-use tools that allow you to reduce spending on, and get more results from, your field services.

Trace assets’ upstream and downstream dependencies to understand the most critical assets on your system.

Asset Intelligence enables personnel across your organization, from front line workers to C-suite executives, to collaborate on strategy, planning and operations.

Collaborate Across Organizational Silos

Executives report that getting business units to share information across organizational silos is one of their top challenges to realizing ROI from analytics. Asset Intelligence correlates any number of data sources into a single application, allowing colleagues across the enterprise to collaborate and view a single version of the true status of asset health and operations. With the ability to run on desktops, tablets and video walls, Asset Intelligence provides insights wherever your employees are.