Safety Intelligence – Advanced Analytics for Safety Professionals

Safety Intelligence helps organizations reduce accidents, assess the effectiveness of their safety programs, and comply more readily with safety regulations. The software uses advanced analytics and visualization of all safety-related data to provide an understanding of where, when, why and how incidents occurred and facilitate action to reduce the likelihood they occur in the future.

It’s never been more important to keep workers and customers safe. A single injury on the job costs as much as $200,000.

Optimize Safety Program Expenditures

Organizations spend significant money on equipment, programs and training to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents and injuries. Safety Intelligence assesses the impact of these investments and provides guidance to improve their effectiveness going forward.

Safety Intelligence analyzes the probability and severity of workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses, and the costs associated with them. Using these insights, the software advises how to reduce the most risk for a given budget.

Invest in equipment, programs and training with the knowledge that you are making a difference for your organization, its employees and stakeholders


Predictive and prescriptive analytics are used to identify, and alert personnel to, dangerous conditions


Reduce the Number of Safety Incidents

Safety Intelligence uses predictive analytics to identify potentially dangerous situations and proactively alert personnel that might be affected. The software considers incident, personnel, crew schedule, equipment performance, weather, traffic, vegetation, social media and data from any number of other systems to provide a 360-degree understanding of what might happen, when, and where.

These insights underpin a culture of safety that increases productivity, raises morale and employee retention, and reduces costs.

Respond Rapidly to Incidents

When accidents do happen, Safety Intelligence facilitates immediate action to protect and restore people and property. The software correlates alarms, personnel locations, equipment in use, environmental conditions and other data to help identify the nature, source and scope of accidents.

This information is invaluable to first responders and managers who need to make fast decisions and take steps in response.

Safety Intelligence helps managers understand what happened, where and when it happened, and how best to respond

Data from myriad systems are intuitively visualized to improve understanding and collaboration across an organization

See All Your Safety Data in One Place

Improving safety is challenging because data in many different systems is needed to understand incidents and program effectiveness. Safety Intelligence quickly brings all this into a common version of the truth that all safety professionals can see and share.

For example, the software makes it easy to identify opportunities to reduce risk and cost and understand the most common causes of accidents.