Realize Business Value from the IIoT

The complexity of deploying a secure and scalable IIoT solution integrated with disparate and legacy systems is fraught with risk. These factors inhibit organizations from exploring and investing in new and often disruptive ways to transform their business operations.

SpaceTime Insight provides insight into the coordination and utilization of assets, systems and people, leading to reduced costs, fewer delays and increased uptime. In addition, we give business users timely actionable information from their equipment and assets, reducing failures, theft, losses and unplanned events. We do this by collecting, correlating, analyzing and visualizing data from business systems and smart connected assets leading to fast, confident decisions and intelligent action.

IoT Analytics - space time things people systems

Understand Asset Performance

Organizations need to monitor the performance of assets and take preventative action to avert failure. SpaceTime Insight’s IIoT Solution provides insight into the location, health, availability and usage of all fixed and mobile assets. It ensures that the right people and equipment arrive where and when they are needed.

The solution verifies that tools are loaded onto designated vehicles destined for the correct location, reducing additional truck rolls and job downtime. Alarms signal the driver and operations if tools aren’t on the truck. Real-time insight into chain of custody and location of high value tools and assets minimizing misappropriation and theft. These insights enable your organization to optimize utilization and maintenance of assets.

IoT asset statuses are analyzed and visualized for a range of conditions such as excess speed, driving off-road, potential failure, or sitting idle

Optimize Field Service

Critical infrastructure is vital to enterprise operations yet challenging to sustain as operations personnel are often called upon to do more with less. We turn your existing assets into smart agents that drive real-time coordination and action, and notify the right people to respond with the information and tools they need to keep critical systems running.

Predictive analytics helps managers plan more effectively, and proactively generates alerts and takes action to address issues before they occur. Field operations personnel gain deeper insight into the assets they manage and can more efficiently execute both planned maintenance and response to critical outages. As a result, personnel complete jobs more quickly, accidents and unplanned losses are avoided, and operational costs are reduced.

Manage Your Supply Networks in Real-Time

It’s critical to monitor products that require timely delivery and/or controlled environments at every stage of development and distribution to ensure quality, predictability, and safety. As work-in-process flows through a factory and down through the logistics chain, SpaceTime Insight’s IIoT Solution tracks environmental parameters, logs the chain of custody, and notifies the right people when conditions break down.

Insights such as the precise location, status vs. schedule, operating conditions (e.g. weather, traffic), constraints (e.g. number of driving hours, limitations to cold storage), safety issues (e.g. driving to fast), and performance (e.g. gas utilization) are now readily available to managers. In addition, the use of predictive analytics optimize routes, drivers and equipment utilization, reducing costs, delays and cold chain spoilage.