Advanced Analytics To Transform Government Operations

Governments manage asset-intensive public services such as transportation, logistics, military defense, postal delivery, and building and fleet management. Delivering these services generates massive quantities of complex data. As the volume of data grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for government agencies to discover, harness and exploit the key information and intelligence hidden deep within their data. To make matters worse, government data is often fractured into disparate data silos, both across and within departments and agencies, making data integration an added challenge.

SpaceTime Insight breaks down government data silos by integrating disparate data sources into its patented in-memory system; correlating the data across space, time, and node; and applying analytics to discover the key information or events that become the basis for better, more informed decision making. Intuitive visualizations render the results of analytics easy to understand and easy to act upon. Our predictive analytics give users “what-if” models for forward-looking analysis to understand the what, where, when, why, and how of events as they evolve.

This unique level of insight and understanding forms the basis for data-driven insight and decision making that optimizes the delivery of government services.

Key Capabilities for Government

  • Asset Intelligence
  • Logistics Intelligence
  • Fleet Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics and Data Science

  • Safety Intelligence
  • Viewpoint
  • Operations Center Intelligence
  • Crisis Intelligence

Government Use Case: User Defined Operational Picture for Military Logistics

SpaceTime Insight applications for the United States Armed Forces provide a User-Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) for correlating and analyzing data, then visualizing the results as intuitive operational dashboards.

The Logistics UDOP utilizes real-time processing of multiple data streams to inform Armed Forces personnel of unit combat readiness, visually displaying the operational status of personnel, supplies and equipment.

The solution also locates avenues of resupply through location-aware search of nearby units’ available supplies and equipment.

Improve unit readiness with analytics that unite personnel, equipment, vehicles and supplies

Situational Intelligence for Government

Our applications use our situational intelligence approach to correlate, analyze and visualize multiple types and sources of governmental data to help individuals and teams make fast, informed decisions.


  • Optimize operations and capital budgets
  • Reduce expenses due to emergency asset repair or replacement
  • Capture and automate tribal knowledge about legacy systems
  • Speed executive planning and decision-making

  • Increase productivity of operations center personnel
  • Reduce accidents and injuries in the workplace
  • Improve training and transparency through event capture and playback

SpaceTime Insight partners with key system integrators to deliver solutions to government agencies.  If you are interested in partnering with SpaceTime Insight in the government market, please contact us at