Situational Intelligence Solutions for Asset Intensive Industries

SpaceTime Insight’s solutions provide organizations with a unified and real-time view of the big picture, providing the context and clarity they need to make fast, confident decisions during planning and operations.

Configurable Off-the-shelf Analytics Applications

SpaceTime Insight’s industry solutions include off-the-shelf applications that currently power mission-critical systems for some of the largest companies around the world.  These applications incorporate advanced analytics, rich visualizations and interfaces to your data, providing a 360-degree operational view of historical, current and possible future performance, and converting big data from business, operational, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems into actionable insight. Our customers deploy our solutions in a matter of months with minimal IT resources, quickening time-to-value and reducing implementation and maintenance costs.

Our applications:

  • Access and analyze all systems and data needed to make decisions, and presents the results in a single pane of glass
  • Help you make fast, confident decisions with 360-degree operational insight
  • Tell you what, where, when, why and how something happened, is happening now or might happen in the future
  • Deliver rapid time-to-value with a comprehensive solution configured to your needs in a matter of months
  • Eliminate collaboration and communication silos across your organization
Solutions Utilities

Solutions for Utilities

Utilities have always needed to understand and act on massive volumes of siloed enterprise, operational, and unstructured external data. While they continue to embrace the IoT revolution, utilities are hampered by aging infrastructure, tribal knowledge, increasing demands from customers, tighter regulations, natural and man-made disasters, and technology that is ill-equipped to process large volumes of data in motion. With business users spending 80% of their time locating and correlating data and only 20% analyzing it, new approaches are needed.

Our breakthrough applications for utilities correlate and analyze multiple data sources spatially, over time and across network nodes to help you make fast, confident decisions.  These applications support improved safety and reliability across a broad range of corporate disciplines such as operations, engineering and customer service, and enhanced planning and budgeting that lowers costs and increases regulatory compliance.

Solutions for the Internet of Things

Many industries are connecting assets from across the organization and out in the field to their digital networks, creating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

These connected assets provide frequent updates about their status, verify their physical locations, and issue early warnings about changing conditions. Many even accept commands to carry out automated actions. Timely insights based on IIoT data empower leaders, managers and operators to make fast, confident decisions that reduce costs, increase uptime and lower risk.

SpaceTime Insight’s comprehensive yet affordable IIoT solution helps you ensure the right equipment, parts and people are at the right place at the right time; avoid or quickly resolve unplanned events; and alert personnel to situations that might lead to unsafe conditions or higher losses or risks.

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Solutions Transport

Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies are being challenged by competitors and customers to improve the quality and profitability of services they provide. To do so they need a clear understanding of how they are moving goods through their networks, plus mechanisms to improve the efficiency and cost of doing so. Equipping assets and inventory with sensors to track the location and condition of equipment and goods is a first step towards improving service levels.  However, companies must now interpret and apply the huge volumes of data that devices and sensors are generating.

SpaceTime Insight’s solutions utilize this data to help organizations understand where goods and equipment are located, whether they’re on time, why they aren’t and the impact of delays in service. Our global customers rely on us to provide 360-degree insight into their fleet planning and real-time operations, optimize network performance, and ensure the most timely and cost-effective delivery of services.

Solutions for Government

Government agencies face a plethora of security, safety, risk and cost challenges within their borders and around the globe. Of paramount importance in tackling these challenges is the ability to harness the huge volumes of data generated by systems and devices so that informed decisions can be made and enacted in a timely and confident manner. With data from multiple, disparate sources fully correlated, analyzed and visualized, governments can develop faster, more confident responses to questions that were once too complex to answer.

SpaceTime Insight’s solutions for government combine real-time awareness with predictive analytics to understand performance and trends. This ability to understand what, where, when, why and how issues are occurring now and in the future directs and advises government agencies to take actions that reduce risk and cost, and provide insight for future planning.

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