The Intelligent Grid Enters a New Dimension

Synchrophasor measurements can stretch conventional wide area measurement applications to their technical limit. The one-two punch of extreme data volumes and high sample rates with low latency analytics means that existing architectures and visualization practices either simply do not scale or must compromise analysis and visualization when displaying wide area views.

Wide Area Situational Intelligence from Space-Time Insight analyzes and visualizes synchrophasor measurements in real time to provide operators, operational support engineers, reliability engineers, and operations managers with improved situational awareness of their grid and the surrounding interconnected systems. Utilities can apply analysis and visualization to respond to system wide-events in a more precise and efficient manner.

This unique application displays high sample rate synchophasor measurements (Frequency, Voltage, Phase Angle, Power, etc.) from across the grid in real-time to alert operators to abnormal behavior of the grid. Critical system events such as transmission line trips, generator trips, and system islanding are detected, and operators are immediately notified of an event and its corresponding location.