SpaceTime Insight’s customers include some of the largest companies in North America and around the world. With SpaceTime Insight, these organizations have the context and clarity they need to make fast, confident decisions. Using spatial, temporal and nodal analysis, our IoT-ready real-time visual analytics applications illuminate the what, where, when, why and how of every asset and situation. Our customers use our software for a wide range of purposes, from planning to real-time operations and handling of crisis conditions, and from generation, transmission and distribution of energy, to logistics and supply chain applications.

Singapore Power Centre of Excellence
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Pacific Gas & Electric

Asset Intelligence

Pacific Gas & Electric uses SpaceTime Insight Asset Intelligence to correlate and analyze data from multiple systems to improve financial and operational decisions, increase collaboration and raise overall system reliability.  PG&E uses the advanced analytics in Asset Intelligence to understand and visualize the risk of all assets and asset classes including conductors, breakers, transformers and poles.

Singapore Power

Asset and Outage Intelligence

Singapore Power Centre of Excellence – an initiative by Singapore Power to drive the innovation and commercialisation of next-generation energy network technologies for Singapore’s network – partners with SpaceTime Insight and NEC Asia Pacific to localize, extend and deploy Asset Intelligence and Outage Intelligence applications. These applications help utilities significantly enhance the operations, planning and performance of grid assets.

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Smart Meter and Demand Response Intelligence

E.ON, one of the largest utilities in the world, uses SpaceTime Insight’s Smart Meter and Demand Response Intelligence solution to evaluate energy consumption patterns across four distinct use cases.  The system detects anomalies in meter data and failing meters.  With assorted types of smart meters collecting monthly, daily and hourly data, E.ON relies on a machine learning system built into the application to continually improve how they manage differences between production and consumption.

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Arizona Public Service

Transmission and Distribution Intelligence

APS, the largest electric utility in Arizona, uses solutions from SpaceTime Insight to gain a strategic, enterprise view across grid, asset and customer analytics, with applications that can be used by multiple lines of business within the utility. The organization intends to standardize on SpaceTime Insight as the front-end to applications spanning asset analytics, AMI network management, PV forecasting, theft detection, wildfire response and many other use cases.

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Hydro One

Asset Intelligence

Hydro One uses the SpaceTime Insight Asset Intelligence solution to improve the reliability of the grid and the company’s 4.5 million transmission and distribution assets.  Pulling data from thirty different systems, the application visualizes and analyzes seven risk factors for all assets and asset classes.  Developed in partnership with Accenture, the software saved Hydro One $1.5M within the first 6 months of deployment, with savings of 5 times that amount expected over the next few years.

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Transmission and Distribution Intelligence

The SpaceTime Insight Transmission and Distribution Intelligence solution helps Entergy operations personnel monitor the real-time state of the grid and receive early warning on developing oscillation and voltage instability patterns and events. The system visualizes real-time data from high speed synchrophasor sensors, deployed throughout the grid, that sample data thirty times per second. Analyzing over 75 billion records per month, the software informs operators of disturbances on the grid in real-time, giving them precious seconds to respond to potential crises.

Southern California Edison

Transmission and Distribution Intelligence

Southern California Edison acquired the SpaceTime Insight Transmission and Distribution Intelligence solution for its state-of-the-art Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration (ISGD) project.  Serving as the “eyes” of this innovative initiative, the system enables project stakeholders to quickly visualize and analyze a diverse array of components including smart meters, advanced distribution equipment, renew able power sources, security networks, energy‐efficient home appliances, solar systems and electric vehicles.

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California ISO

Wholesale Markets and Trading Intelligence

The California Independent System Operator uses SpaceTime Insight’s software in its state-of-the-art control center to manage the state’s grid. Applications include the visualization and analysis of the condition of the grid, assessment of threats from fires, the impact of congestion on market prices, and the optimization of the use of renewable energy to meet the state’s goals.

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Florida Power & Light

Smart Meter and Demand Intelligence, Transmission and Distribution Intelligence

Florida Power & Light (FPL) has deployed a number of SpaceTime Insight applications for smart meter operations, customer service and transmission operations.  With an internal center of excellence on SpaceTime Insight products, the company has implemented applications that include driving revenue collections and analysis of over 4 million smart meters, and significantly improve customer service by collating data from across the company in a single dashboard for call center representatives.



FedEx leverages SpaceTime Insight to help them improve the efficiency and cost of shipping 4 million packages around the world daily. Deployed in 7 months, the application visualizes and analyzes FedEx’s global network to help planners productively determine the most efficient means of package delivery.  Using a rich query interface and powerful “what-if” analyses, users can quickly determine the most cost-effective modes of transport, driving greater profitability for the company.

  • Situational intelligence gives our asset managers unique insights into our asset portfolio.

    Wayne Logan Hydro One
Major US Railroad
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  • SpaceTime Insight allows our operators to see trends at-a-glance and easily spot anomalies that require action.

    Brian Murray California ISO

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Transmission and Distribution Intelligence

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) uses SpaceTime Insight to analyze and visualize data from across their smart grid.  The distribution operations system, which was deployed in just 6 months, correlates data from 30 different systems, helping users across the organization make faster, more-informed decisions. These systems include SAP, OSisoft PI, Integraph and other applications that provide data for assets on the grid, customer electric vehicles, solar, outages, vegetation, maintenance and proposed work plans, wind and temperature.

Major US Railroad

Transportation and Logistics

This major US Railroad uses SpaceTime Insight’s advanced analytics to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by identifying outliers, trends and biggest influences on the velocity and performance of nearly 9,000 locomotives.  Key performance indicators are assessed for their railroad which spans almost half the states across the US.  Intuitive visualizations highlight variability of events and identify train delays at a glance.

NextEra Energy Resources

Wholesale Markets and Trading Intelligence

With over 100 wind farms in 19 states and Canada, NextEra Energy is one of the world’s largest generators of wind power. The company is working with SpaceTime Insight to improve the efficiency of wind turbines and lower the cost of maintaining them.  The system assists with performance optimization, real-time diagnostics and troubleshooting, and interactive maintenance crew scheduling.

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National Grid

Asset Intelligence

National Grid, owner of the electricity transmission system in England and Wales and four of the eight regional gas distribution networks in Great Britain, is integrating SpaceTime Insight asset intelligence solutions into an enterprise-wide asset health program. The system correlates and analyzes pipe and valve data from multiple sources to visualize asset health scores and recommend maintain/repair/replace priorities.

  • Personnel across our organization can now implement more cost-effective asset planning and maintenance practices.

    Paul Lau Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Thames Water

Transmission and Distribution Intelligence

Thames Water, the largest provider of water and wastewater services in the UK, leverages advanced visualization and analytics from SpaceTime Insight to enable more efficient water sourcing and remote monitoring of assets.  Developed in partnership with Accenture, the system is designed to simplify decision-making across the entire water ecosystem, helping Thames Water anticipate equipment failures and respond to critical situations, such as leaks or adverse weather events.

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  • Before it was like looking at an X-ray; now it's like looking at an MRI

    James McIntosh California ISO

United Nations World Food Programme

Supply Chain

SpaceTime Insight’s software helps the United Nations World Food Programme monitor and efficiently the delivery of food and supplies to areas of need.  The system monitors the location and status of food stores and delivery vehicles and aircraft.  It is also used to identify and classify danger zones, informing vehicle drivers of regions they should avoid or proceed with caution.

BC Hydro

Smart Meter and Demand Intelligence

BC Hydro uses SpaceTime Insight’s software to detect and respond to fraudulent use of the company’s assets and resources.  The application analyzes historical activity and correlates it with environmental and other factors to inform users of potential theft, driving higher revenues and reducing non-technical losses.



Internet of Things

Quanta Services, a Fortune 400 engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services company, uses SpaceTime Insight’s Internet of Things technology to monitor the location, performance, status and usage of its vehicles, equipment and tools.  The system collects, analyzes and visualizes real-time data from tens of thousands of sensors to provide numerous financial and operational efficiencies.

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Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

Smart Meter and Demand Intelligence

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power uses SpaceTime Insight’s software to improve the effectiveness of their demand response programs.  The system provides insight into customer participation in demand response campaigns, the best customer targets to include in programs, and analysis of program effectiveness.

  • We believe that SpaceTime Insight software can greatly improve operational efficiency across our organization worldwide.

    Susana Quitana-Plaza E.ON

Southern Company

Smart Meter and Demand Response Intelligence

Southern Company utilizes SpaceTime Insight Smart Meter and Demand Response Intelligence to increase their efficiency and accuracy in identifying non-technical losses.  The system correlates, analyzes and visualizes data across IT and OT systems including AMI, DMS, OMS, communications, customer information systems and weather systems.  Smart Meter and Demand Response Intelligence fosters collaboration across the organization for investigating and processing possible cases.

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Major Southern Californian Utility


Wholesale Markets and Trading Intelligence

Midcontinent Independent System Operator, an organization that provides unbiased regional grid management and open access to transmission facilities across 15 states, uses SpaceTime Insight to ensure the optimal use, and manage the impact, of wind power on the electric grid.  The system correlates grid data with wind speed and direction to inform operators of under or over demand and supply conditions.

China Light & Power

Asset Intelligence

China Light and Power operates a number of wind farms in the Asia Pacific region.  The company uses SpaceTime Insight’s software to visualize and analyze the performance of wind turbines and determine when maintenance is required.

Major Southern California Utility

Transmission and Distribution Intelligence

This utility has deployed several SpaceTime Insight applications.  These include systems that warn of proximity of fires to transmission lines and other assets, and condition-based maintenance for transformers.  The utility also uses SpaceTime Insight in its Smart Meter Operations Center to visualize and analyze meter and mesh network performance.